Having photographed for over 22 years, the majority of friends and family know of my passion for this art. I cannot begin to tell you how many people have asked me to photograph their wedding, a family portrait or some type of real estate building. I almost always decline due to the pressure of results being too much. Recently I said yes to all three! I felt the need to push myself and take a “risk.” The feelings bottled up in my risk are, fear of not giving the client what they want, pressure to preform, not capturing the moment, me not being good enough and me not being knowledgeable enough. With the real estate photography shoot I was challenged with a very bright day. The issue that arose was the windows being a much high zone of light than the interior itself. My solution was YouTube. I watched a few video tutorials of how other real estate photographers solved this problem. It felt great once I had my final images and found out the client was pleased with them. I find this situation similar to teaching. With teaching and risk taking one must often step away from what is familiar. When doing this a trust in oneself rises to the surface and the knowledge flows out. Deep down I know I can photograph these photo assignments wonderfully. It is in the letting go of pleasing and fear from lack of knowledge or skill that truly sets me free. Belief in oneself and taking a risk sure are powerful actions.

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