Today I feel like a hermit.

It is also a day where voices are telling me to stop being a recluse. The art world can be a cutthroat place and if I want to get anywhere do I have to fight upstream? It is not in my nature to be cutthroat and self promoting. So what do I do?

This brings me to the question, “what is true for me?” 

I can’t be a hermit and get my photographs seen at the same time. It’s therefore important to look at what is true to me and what direction I want to take my work.

Do makers of art need to have a knack for selling and self-promotion to become “successful?” Where does one begin?

I’ve decided to tell the universe, “I’m ready!” Ready to take some risks. 

I release my work to the world with an expansive breath. 

Believing in my photography, knowing that my art is healing and powerful and seeing the beautiful expansiveness that will unfold from the belief in myself.

This is what is true for me. Hermit begone!