I spent the past six months scanning 15 years worth of negatives. 

Being that I shoot film this was quite the undertaking. I had to label all my negatives and binders and then create mirror folders for all the digital files to go into. 

For the most part, no one besides myself has seen any of these images. 

During the process of scanning all the rolls of film, at times I was nervous about not finding any “good” images. Why would I feel apprehensive with my photography when it is one of the main activities in my life that brings me pure joy?

compare |kəmˈpe(ə)r| verb: to examine two or more objects in order to note similarities and differences.

It is hard not to compare my photographs to images of other photographers. I discovered that when I found myself feeling nervous about my photographs not being good, that I was making mental comparisons of my images to photographs of other photographers that I found to be wonderful. 

It was then that I realized I was not being fair to myself or my photography. 

I photograph because I love it. It’s when I let go of comparisons and just be, that I am completely myself. That’s when I reveal my true vision, voice and who I am.

I am not nervous anymore.

By the way, the 15 years worth of negatives have been whittled down to four series of images: Tree Portraits, Shapes and Light, Tilling My Past and Night. I invite you to take a look.

If there is an image you would like to purchase please contact me.