There is a deep connection between me and the farm on which my mother grew up on. Walking around the grounds of the farm I can feel the paths that my ancestors have paved. For over 500 years there has been a Wittmann family on this farm. With the barns, my 98 year old grandma, the fields and much of what the farm offers, it has become a passion of mine to photograph Höste Damm 6.

Years of the past surround me. I see a now empty field and wonder what was. I find a cobwebbed ridden part of a barn ceiling and can imagine hay bales being thrown up and neatly stacked. Having viewers see this rich history of farm life is important to me. With the distance of farm to dining table growing ever greater, we the human race are losing the connection to the earth and where our food comes from. Not only is this photo series a series deeply rooted to my blood and family, but a story about the changing of society and how our ever growing technological advancements have inadvertently aided the increasing gap between human beings and their farmed land.

Wittmann Fields