Another series that I have been working on is my Tree Portraits. For the past 8 years I have searched for Redwood trees that have a lot of low lying needless branches. With the correct light I find these bare branches to be utterly beautiful. They often glow white against the dark tree making for wonderful contrast. Every tree that I find with these bare branches is different from the last. Like portraits of humans, these tree images capture the varying aspects of each individual Redwood tree. I have not seen a body of work that portrays the same thing. I have not shown too many people this body of work. At times it makes me nervous thinking about the amount of time I have spent photographing, printing and working on this body of work. What if no one likes them? Is it all a waste? When I feel these nerves I ground and let them go. I see them dissipating into the earth and I feel the joy in the images. The Redwood tree images make me happy. That is enough.